Divorce ~ Family Law

When a marriage is failing there are many different reactions.  Some people look at the situation as a problem with solutions, while others feel out of control and completely overwhelmed.  Regardless of your feelings, you will need the appropriate approach to get the results you deserve. 

My practice focuses on divorces with high conflict and/or extraordinary issues.  However, I am very comfortable practicing collaborative law and believe that communication and mutual respect and understanding should be the end goal for all people involved in this process. 

Whether you are having a peaceful parting of ways or a heated conflict, you will need an attorney that ensures that all of your goals are addressed and pursued.  I look forward to helping you with your situation while advocating for your fair treatment and legal rights.

My family law practice focuses on:

  • Visitation & Custody
  • Support
  • Cases with High Conflict
  • Cases with Domestic Violence or Other Criminal Law Crossover
  • Cases that have CPS - Dependency Crossover
  • Cases with Restraining Orders
  • Division of Complex Assets and Debts