Dependency ~ CPS

When Child Protective Services, CPS, wishes to, or already has, taken your child, you need the most aggressive representation available.  You also need to be educated quickly as to what can be asked of you and what you may refuse without endangering your position. 

The taking of a child is a fearsome example of governmental control over your personal life.  You need an attorney who understands that and understands how and why this can happen.  You also need to know what can be done to prevent it or what can be done once it has happened.  The Juvenile Dependency system is a mine field that must be navigated with the utmost care if you are to be successful. 

I am passionate about this area of my practice and am very much looking forward to discussing your case with you so that we may immediately begin work on the only outcome that matters, you and your child enjoying a normal life. 

I also represent Foster Parents who wish to assert their rights and have a voice in court.  Additionally, at times extended family members wish to ensure that the child’s rights and best interests are looked after and I gladly accept representation of children.